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The Operation Safe Child program is divided into two components, 1) Safe Child, and 2) Character Education.  The program is a mix of government, police, fire, and paramedic personnel and brought into the classrooms so that young students have positive masculine images to look up to instead of gang leaders and drug dealers.  These same expert personnel discuss safety issues and provide explicit instruction to boys and girls about what to do when they face difficult and dangerous situations.

  1. Discussion sessions are videotaped and used in other classes as needed
  2. Used with parents and other audience

Presentations provide great amounts of information to students while simultaneously building constructive relationships with law enforcement personnel and emphasizing the long-term consequences and effects of negative behaviors.

Safe Child
The informal class room sessions occur once a week for approximately 45 minutes.  Sessions are videotaped for evaluation and for later use with parents and other audiences... Find out More

Character Education

Operation Safe Child seeks to include character development more extensively in the school curriculum.  Character development and critical thinking skills can be combined with the discussion sessions to assist young students to think critically about dangerous and illegal situations.  For example... Find out More






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