Character Education

Operation Safe Child seeks to include character development more extensively in the school curriculum. Character development and critical thinking skills can be combined with the discussion sessions to assist young students to think critically about dangerous and illegal situations. For example young people in communities at risk often look longingly at the great amounts of money available in the drug trade. However, these young people often fail to realize that if they include the consequences like court and jail time, they are only earning pennies per hour and are threatening their lives for nothing. Expert personnel provide the facts and experiences to reinforce the message, with community-specific examples.

Operation Safe Child Character Education Topics

  1. Honesty --Telling the truth
  2. Integrity -- Doing the right thing, inner strength
  3. Promise-keeping -- Doing what you say
  4. Loyalty -- Supporting others
  5. Concern for Others -- Caring and helping others
  6. Law-abidance/Civic Duty -- Obeying rules and laws / making the world better
  7. Obedience -- Obeying parents, teachers, and the police
  8. Respect for Others -- Being polite and kind to everyone
  9. Fairness --Treating everyone equally
  10. Pursuit of Excellence -- Doing everything the best you can; seeking improvement
  11. Accountability --Admitting what is done wrong, taking pride in what is done right




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