Safe Child

Safe Child is the first component of the Operation Safe Child program.
The informal class room sessions occur once a week for approximately 45 minutes.
Sessions are videotaped for evaluation and for later use with parents and other audiences.

Safe Child Topics


Classroom discussion sessions support each Safe Child topic.
The general procedures for classroom discussion sessions are as follows:

  1. A Police Expert tells stories from his experience of controversial events such as abductions and attempted abductions with children, citing the good and the bad and the results of each incident.
  2. The Police Expert asks critical thinking questions such as, “What is the story from different points of view? And then, what is the real story? What are the hidden aspects of the story, of the situation?
  3. The Police Expert leads children to realize the long term implications of each incident.
  4. The Police Expert shows children how to protect themselves from abduction.
  5. The Police Expert and children plan strategies to deal with problems such as an attempted abduction.
  6. The children role play the strategies.
  7. Then The Police Expert asks, “What is the rest of the story?”
  8. Finally, the consequences, both positive and negative, are explored by children.
  9. The children are asked to describe what they have learned. Various Operation Safe Child songs, poems, mnemonics, and jokes remind children what to do in difficult situations.
  10. The Police Expert may finish the sessions with token gifts, reminder handouts, verbal cautions, and statements such as, “Be careful,” “Stay away from strangers and tricky people,” and, “Doing Wrong is Dumb.”


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